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Strange Times

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

No one has been unaffected by the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent closure of businesses, schools and most activities. Our healthcare system stretched to provide care for critically ill patients. Moms & dads have been teachers, long anticipated graduations and vacations cancelled, weddings have been held with no guests in attendance; the list goes on.

For me, there have only been missed and postponed Spring art shows. Truly a minor inconvenience in the wider view. And I've been working from home. And, I launched a new website. March 1. Here's what it looked like as I began to work in our home office... quite messy and crowded, yes?

We've all been at home and I'm struck by how vital artwork is in setting the tone of our home environments. The colors and images on our walls can make a bedroom a calming sanctuary, or a dining-room-turned-home-office more inspiring to sit down in everyday. Did I mention that I launched a new website March 1?? If you haven't seen it yet, take a look by clicking here. And below are a few of the small paintings created during my time at home. I had expanded to the kitchen island by then!

Be well and stay safe,


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