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From My Studio - June 2022


I have been Florida for exactly 3 weeks today and a lot has happened. Ron & I have moved into the Longboat Key condo, which will serve as our temporary home...

That sign ahead says

"Welcome to Florida"

We're across the street from a tiny, hardly used beach access, so we have a view of the Gulf of Mexico. The closing on the sale of our Wilmington home in North Carolina took place as we were driving south. A week later, we finalized the purchase of our soon-to-be home in an historic neighborhood in downtown Sarasota. I say "soon-to-be", but I think we all know it COULD be "not-so-soon-to-be". Renovations are not easy right now with labor and supplies in short supply. So, I will be patient. It serves no purpose to be anything but accepting of reality, right? It'll be great when it's done.

I've found temporary studio space here in Sarasota... a lovely coincidence that will give me somewhere to paint until October. After that, we'll see... I am moving in today.

It's been an upheaval to move! We have packed, sold, donated, emptied, cleaned, stored and settled in just three weeks. I've been painting a few hours a day on canvases lining the floor of our new home... just until we start our renovation I tell my husband. What must the builders have thought when they came to meet?

I'm working on more of my woven canvas pieces. I have the rest of the year to complete the work on my grant project, but after a month of very limited studio time, it feels great to work again and I'm excited to be back to the project. BTW... Only fair to say thank you to the North Carolina Arts Council and the Arts Council of Wilmington for sharing my vision and funding the work!. I've completed a few in this body of work. The first one is currently on display at the Cameron Art Museum in Wilmington as part of the State of the Art/Art of the State through September 18, 2022. Below I've included a couple photos from the piece I'm working on now.

That's all for now! Follow along and I'll keep you updated on our new adventure.



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