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From My Studio - Jan 2022

New Year... New Art Community!

No... I'm not leaving North Carolina, just spending a few months in a more temperate climate. And the warmer weather definitely influences my color choices. The small collage-work painting on paper shown here is a perfect example. By this time of year...

...I'm usually making darker and cooler color choices. But, this year, I'm hanging out in southwest Florida, so things are lighter and brighter than usual. This is a year for making new connections in a new place. The Art Center of Sarasota has proven to be a wonderful resource toward that end. I entered work in the December/January juried exhibit Modes of Abstraction. I volunteered there and got to meet Sandy who purchased my painting Shorter Days #2 (pictured here) when she came to take it home. What a joy to be able to talk about the artwork with a new collector in a new city! I told her a bit about creating this series and she told me about herself. I also met many of the exhibiting artists as they came to retrieve their work. Volunteering in a new place is a great way to meet people.

And, at the same Art Center, I treated myself to a visiting artist's workshop with the incomparable Joan Fullerton who came all the way from Denver, Colorado to teach over 20 students her joyful approach to intuitive painting. Joan reminded us all that it's what's happening on your paper or canvas that is important and too much concern with the outcome is a sure-fire way to lose the enjoyment that comes with just following the process and letting the work tell you what's next. Check out Joan Fullerton's artwork by visiting her website (link at the end of this blog post). Here's a little mixed media collage painting I did during the workshop. Violet and yellow aren't my normal "go to" colors, but I like it and had a blast making it. This doesn't have a name yet... What do you think? This one is available if you'll email me.

And last, but not least, the sunny blue and orange painting here - Intrinsic Connection - will be in an exhibit called Anything Goes beginning January 27 - March 5, also here in Sarasota.

So, I'm enjoying creating some new work and exploring a new city that has a lot of culture to offer. Hope you are living your best creative life where you are too.

P. S. Here's a link to Joan Fullerton's website if you'd like to see the work of one of my favorite artists whose work inspires me. CLICK HERE

Enjoy the rest of the winter and make time for yourself and what brings you joy!

All the best,


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