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Studio Construction

Exciting News!!

2021 is Coming...

New Year... New Studio!

We're at the half way point on studio construction. Read on for the story about the new space and photos of the journey so far.

I've posted some updates on social media (@adriennewattsart on InstaGram or Facebook), but I haven't written about the studio project until now. Read on...

2020 has been quite year, am I right??

Well, this crazy, weird year (and my husband) have prompted me to build a large studio so I can work closer to home. Much, MUCH closer. The commute to the new studio is less than 100' from the back door. Yep, I'm building a home studio.

The planning for this process began about May 1. Our favorite contractor stays very busy and for good reason; he's absolutely terrific. But, that meant we had to wait for him to finish his current projects. There were issues - LOTS of issues - getting our plans approved and there were surprises along the way. Three sets of plans and applications later, we had a permit to build and construction began near the end of October.

The time delay as we waited for our contractor and the permit was put to good use. There was a storage shed on the studio site which was dismantled then added to the greenhouse on the other side of the property. My husband and I were then able to focus on the plants that were on the studio site. We thought through each tree, shrub, and perennial and were able to relocate every one to a new spot where it would thrive and look good long term. So, the extra time was well-spent.

The building process has been smoother than the planning phase of the project. Our November weather was cooperative and the sub-contractors have all been right on time... no delays at all. Considering the level of construction activity in our county, this is no less than amazing!

So, we're about six weeks into the project with 4-5 weeks to go. Half way there... Better than half way. This week is the interior trim and epoxy finish for the concrete floor. Next week, painting. Then, the sub-contractors will install the plumbing fixtures and trim, the electrical and lighting trim, and the split heat/ac system. While I hope the studio is completed by the end of the year, I know that things always slow down or stop entirely during the holidays. So, whether it's December 31 or early January, the studio will be done soon and I will be grateful for it.

Scroll through below to see more current photos and some photos from earlier along the way. I'll write another blog when the studio is finished.

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Hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday season. I know we are all ready for a HAPPY NEW YEAR. Thanks for reading!

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