After Hurricane Florence



Having lived in southeastern North Carolina for over twenty years, I have to say that Hurricane Florence was the most unsettling storm I’ve experienced. Our newly-adopted Forest Hills neighborhood has older homes and many magnificent trees - live oaks, magnolias, long leaf pines and others. We were fortunate to have very minor damage, but some in our immediate area were not so lucky. Many trees came down, some through power lines and poles, some unfortunately through roofs. Further from our immediate area, but by no means far away, people have lost their homes, their vehicles, their belongings and in a few cases, their lives.

First responders and others in our area have worked very hard to get us back to normal.. or a new normal. The storm hit on September 14, and the FEMA office around the corner from my home at an empty mall store has just closed a day ago.

Two art shows were rescheduled and it is good to get back to a somewhat normal routine, including working in the studio instead of picking up the yard and waiting in que at the grocery store. Sunspots is bright and cheerful, which is what was needed as I painted it in the last week. It’s for sale in Gallery #2 on this website.